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Indie Game of the Week – They Are Here: Alien Abduction Horror

Skytech Gaming presents our Indie Game of the Week! This week @Chomperzz is playing They Are Here: Alien Abduction Horror. “‘They Are Here’” is a first-person horror story about a journalist who witnessed an alien abduction at the Grayswood farm,” states the game’s official description. “Explore the area armed with

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How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

Are you an aspiring YouTuber? @Chomperzz breaks down his top 5 ways that you can grow your YouTube Channel. @Chomperzz grew his YouTube to almost 10k subscribers in a matter of months, so these are some ways he was able to succeed. Let us know if you find any of

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Game of the Week – Evil Dead: The Game

Welcome to our newest series “Skytech Game of the Week” where @Chomperzz showcases his favorite game that he is playing this week. In this episode, we look at Evil Dead: The Video Game. Evil Dead: The Video Game is available on all major platforms with the exception of Nintendo Switch

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Blaze 3.0 AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core 3.6 GHz (4.2 GHz Turbo)

Evolution Of Desktop Computer To Gaming PCs

The conventional desktop computer has gone significant changes over the years with cutting-edge components, faster speeds, and a refocused emphasis on specializations.  In the past, the idea of a “gaming PC” was unheard of as games themselves were a specialized niche. However, with more and more time passing by and

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Quick Guide to Building Your First Gaming Computer

If you feel confined by game consoles in regards to graphics, upgrade options, and cheaper games, it’s advisable to build your own gaming computer. This kind of PC will also offer other notable advantages, such as a wider game selection. Given there is no contest between PCs and consoles, let’s

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Quick Guide to Picking Computer Desktop PC Gaming Accessories

Assuming you’ve built the ultimate computer desktop PC for gaming from scratch. What’s next? Maybe you have ordered one of the best-prebuilt gaming rigs available today by Skytech Gaming. What else do you need to start gaming? Gaming accessories are an important part of the equation. Besides picking the best

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