Warranty Information

Skytech Gaming guarantees that the PC will be free of any defect in material or workmanship for a period of one year for labor and one year for parts from the date of the original purchase.  Skytech Gaming has the sole discretion in determining whether a PC is covered under the warranty for labor and/or warranty for parts. Should the PC prove defective by reason of improper workmanship or material as reasonably determined by Skytech Gaming, Skytech Gaming agrees, at its option, to either repair or replace the PC free of charge, excluding any shipping or handling charges. Skytech Gaming is not responsible for any software or data installed on the PC that was not originally supplied by Skytech Gaming. Skytech Gaming is not responsible for the support of third party programs. Skytech Gaming is also not responsible for damage caused by user overclocking of components. Skytech Gaming will offer best effort support, but will reserve the right to refer to the appropriate third party support where appropriate. This warranty does not cover software, hardware, external devices, accessories or other parts added to a system after the system is shipped from Skytech Gaming, or accessories or parts that are not installed in the Skytech Gaming factory. Monitors, keyboards, and mice that are included with the PC are covered under this warranty; all other monitors, keyboards, and mice are not covered. Any part that is repaired or replaced under this warranty will, itself, be warranted only for the remainder of the warranty period of the original product being repaired or replaced. Defective parts must be returned to Skytech Gaming unless otherwise specified. Skytech Gaming will not reimburse the customer for any out-of-pocket expenses incurred in the event that the customer chooses to resolve any issues via an unauthorized third party repair shop instead of Skytech Gaming’s provided warranty service. Skytech Gaming reserves the right to void the warranty of any PC that is found to been used for crypto-currency mining or any other reason at its discretion.


For products purchased outside of the US, you will need to contact the retailer or distributor from whom you purchased the product for any returns within the 30-day from purchase period. If you are outside of the return period, please contact Skytech Gaming Customer Support with your proof of purchase and a description of the problem for assistance. Skytech Gaming will not issue a Return Merchandise Authorization (“RMA”) for the PC or its individual components if you are located outside of the US without prior approval. Skytech Gaming will not be responsible for any customs, taxes or duties. The Buyer is responsible for any customs, taxes, duties or other fees collected.

Return & Refund Policy

No return of merchandise will be accepted without first securing a Return Merchandise Authorization (“RMA”) number provided by Skytech Gaming. The Buyer must submit evidence of purchase date, Order ID or Invoice Number, reason for return, exchange, or refund, and RMA number. At its sole discretion, Skytech Gaming may accept or deny the Buyer’s claim for return, exchange, or damages.

No refund, credit, or exchange is allowed after 30 days from the date of the invoice on all PCs.  All PCs returned must have the RMA number prominently displayed on the shipping label. All products returned must be securely packed and delivered to Skytech Gaming in an undamaged condition. Skytech Gaming reserves the right to refuse or reject returned merchandise for failure to follow the conditions set forth herein.


If the PC is accepted and the goods have not been used and are in a resalable condition, Skytech Gaming shall provide a refund on new PCs, minus 10% of the purchase price; returns may be subject to a 15% restocking fee in addition to the cost of shipping both ways if found in used condition. If the goods are determined to be damaged/defective and found to be the fault of Skytech Gaming, a full refund will be issued upon return.  Received PCs that are sent in for refund and are found to be in damaged condition due to the fault of the Buyer will be subject to a $50 labor fee, the cost of damaged parts, and any applicable restocking and shipping fees.

The build and ship fees for custom machines (Mark III, Mark V, Mark VII and Mark IX) are only refundable 24 business hours from the purchase date in the case of damage or late delivery due to the fault of Skytech Gaming.


If the PC accepted for repair or replacement is received in damaged/defective condition due to the fault of the Buyer, Skytech Gaming will issue a labor fee of $50 plus the cost of any component found to be damaged/defective. This fee must be paid before Skytech Gaming will proceed with replacement or repair of the received good.

If in the process of a repair or troubleshooting case, Skytech Gaming deems that a component is defective and needs to be replaced, Skytech Gaming guarantees that the component will be new and unused if stock allows. Otherwise, Skytech Gaming will use a refurbished component that is guaranteed to be working at the time of replacement. Skytech Gaming cannot guarantee that the replacement part used or sent to the customer for the purposes of repair will be of the same make and/or model unless the make and/or model is stated in the description of the desktop’s listing.


Monitors are eligible to be returned up to 30 days from the purchase date. Defective monitors, including those with at least 1 stuck or dead pixel are eligible for return and full refund.

New and/or opened working monitors may be subject to a restocking and/or shipping fee upon inspection. Monitors once accepted for a return will only be eligible for a refund. No exchange, replacement, substitution, or repair options are available.

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