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Skytech Gaming: PC Quick Start Guide

Skytech Gaming: Quick Start Guide

As a new owner of a Skytech Gaming Desktop PC, you’re about to embark on an unparalleled gaming adventure. To help you hit the ground running, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to getting our new system up and running. Let’s get started!

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**Note: Component specifics (e.g., Chassis model, CPU Cooler, SSD Storage type) in your build may differ from examples provided.**
The Anatomy of Your Gaming PC
**Note: The depicted PC is illustrative. Your actual build may vary in appearance.**
Unboxing Your Skytech Gaming Desktop PC

The first step involves carefully unpacking your new gaming system. It’s important to retain all packaging materials for the duration of your warranty to use for possible future warranty claims or shipping needs.

Contents to check for include:

PC Tower

Your PC’s hardware components are inside this tower case.

Power cord

To connect your system to the power supply. May be stored inside the PC chassis for shipping.


Another crucial input device, especially for navigating in games.


A vital input device for interacting with your computer.

Additional Accessories

These could vary depending on the model you purchased. If your model version includes WiFi, you should find WiFi antennas. Tightly attach them to the two gold attachment points on the back of your PC.

Inspecting for visible damage is a necessary step to ensure your system arrives in perfect condition. If you notice any issues, Skytech Gaming’s customer support should be contacted immediately.

Preparing Your Workspace
PC Placement

Selecting the right location is important for maintaining the longevity of your system. A well-ventilated area can help prevent overheating, which can cause damage over time. Keep open liquid containers away from the area, as liquid spills can damage your PC. 

[IMPORTANT] If your setup is on a carpeted floor, elevate your PC to ensure proper airflow and prevent any damage from static interference.

Gaming PC
Cable Management

Organizing your cables and accessories not only maintains an aesthetically pleasing workspace but also prevents potential damage from tangled or strained cables. We recommend plugging your PC into a quality surge protector from a trusted brand that can guard your PC from electrical fluctuations.


Ensuring proper airflow around the PC tower aids in cooling, which directly impacts the performance and lifespan of your system.

[IMPORTANT] We recommend cleaning inside of your PC once every three months, or once every month if you have furry pets who shed. See our guide to learn how!

Setting Up Your Skytech Gaming Desktop PC

STEP 1. Removing internal packaging foam is crucial to prevent airflow blockages or other issues that could impact the system’s performance.

REMOVE screws from left side panel and remove the panel.

**Note: Screw location can vary depending on chassis model.**

CAREFULLY remove the protective foam before turning on PC. **Note: Removing protective foam may disconnect cables. Refer to next step**

STEP 2. Checking internal cables and connections ensures that everything is in its proper place and ready to function optimally.

STEP 3. Connecting the power cord and peripherals properly is essential for the system to operate. The peripherals may include a monitor, keyboard, mouse, Wi-Fi antennas,  and possibly other devices like a headset or external hard drive.

[A] Make sure to connect your monitor’s display cable to a port from the graphics card of your PC, which are typically horizontally arranged and around the middle or lower part of the PC’s back. **Note: Amount of HDMI and Display ports will vary**

[D] Flipping the rocker switch on the back of your PC from “O” to “I” to allow power to flow through the system and then Turning on the PC using the power button, usually located on the top of your case, is the final step in the setup process, bringing your system to life. The position of the power button will vary by model.

[B] Connect peripherals such as mouse, keyboard, speakers, headset, and network to appropriate ports.**Note: Do not use motherboard HDMI & Display ports for monitor connection. Plug Displays into GPU Display & HDMI ports**

[C] **Note: Depending on your motherboard model, the WiFi connector can be found either on the I/O shield or beneath the GPU display connections**

Initial Boot and Setup

When you first power on your PC, you will need to follow on-screen instructions to set up your operating system. This includes setting your preferred language, configuring your time zone, and establishing a network connection.

Additional settings may need to be configured based on personal preferences and specific software requirements. Depending on your hardware, you may be able to use Signal RGB to customize your RGB lights settings Check out our setup guide to Signal RGB!

Congratulations on Your New Skytech Gaming Desktop PC!

You’ve successfully navigated through the setup of your new Skytech Gaming Desktop PC. Welcome to a world of immersive gameplay and stunning graphics! Remember, if you ever have questions or need support, Skytech Gaming’s dedicated customer service team is just a call [(888)370-8882] or click away. Now, it’s time to dive in and start gaming!

Take a quick moment to register your new Skytech Gaming PC. This simple action extends your warranty by a year, promising a smooth gaming or content creation journey. Our dedicated support team is here for any tech issues, and registering your PC will also help provide our team with information about your PC in case you need to contact us for help, which will speed up the process and make things smoother! Register today and enjoy a worry-free, high-performance experience with Skytech Gaming.

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