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Technical Support

No Display/Signal

This usually results in plugging into the wrong port. After you turned on the switch on the back of the computer and then press the power up front, is there any light turned on or fans spinning? If yes, make sure to connect your monitor to the ports on your graphic card not motherboard. Display ports on your motherboard have been disabled to ensure the best video quality. The graphic card supports only DVI, HDMI, or DP(Display port) connections. If your monitor uses VGA only, you will need to get an adapter in order for your monitor to work properly with the computer.

Need to Unplug Power cord every time after Shutdown

Please turn off the computer and turn the power switch off (Right under the Power Cord). Press and HOLD the Power Button for 1 minute and then release it. Turn the power switch back on and start the computer as normal.

Power shuts off and can’t turn back on

This usually results in power supply failure and will need tech assistance. Please call the phone number listed below.

Disk Boot Failure

1. Check “Disk Management” and see if the hard drive can be detected.

2. If not, check the connections of the hard drive. There should be two cables connect to the hard drive, one is a blue data cable and the other one is a black power cable.

3. Restart the computer and keep pressing DEL until you are in the BIOS

4. Make sure the hard drive is listed as the first one in boot sequence settings.

5. Restart the computer and see if the computer can boot up from the windows successfully