5 Common Desktop Computer Problems and How to Fix Them

If you have a desktop computer, you may have encountered some of the problems we will discuss below. Even with the popularity surrounding gaming consoles, PC gaming is still a thing for person kin on getting the best gaming experience there is today. It’s not a secret that gaming PCs offer better graphics and speeds when compared to consoles. They may cost slightly more; however, if you are keen on the best gaming experiences, gaming desktops are the way to go.

But let’s not overlook the problems associated with gaming PCs. Not every single PC out there built for gaming will work flawlessly for years, unless obviously, you consider buying the best-prebuilt gaming PC brand. Even then, there are common problems you can’t escape from. Here’s a glimpse into those problems and how you can solve them whether you have built your gaming PC from scratch or bought a prebuilt one.

Visual glitches

When you’re done building your gaming PC, you may notice some weird graphics i.e., deformed or missing geometry, flickering elements, “wonky” textures, and more. These problems are probably linked to your video card given it is the component that processes visuals before sending them to your gaming screen.

Visual glitches may not necessarily mean you have a faulty or cheap GPU. The glitches can be linked to outdated GPU drivers. Before you throw your GPU, try updating it first. Persistent glitches, even after updating your GPU could be linked to overheating. Remember, gaming PCs generate more heat, given gaming demands more processing power. This explains why gaming PCs need superior cooling systems.

However, overheating can also be linked to maintenance issues such as too much dust build-up in the tower/case. Excess heat can damage your video card, among other components. Clean your tower thoroughly and ensure there is adequate ventilation. You may need to replace the damaged video card and install a new cooler.

If the visual glitches persist, consider using PC diagnostic tools to monitor GPU heat. While there’s no set operating temperature to look out for, idle cards should be 30 to 40 degrees Celsius. During gaming, the temperature can range between 60 and 85 degrees Celsius. Anywhere above this range is too hot. Visual glitches can be solved by installing new GPUs and keeping your gaming computer cool.

Online gaming lag

Gaming rigs are also prone to lag, especially when playing online games. The delay between the actions you take and the server’s response to your action can ruin your online gaming experience. Online gaming lag is largely dependent on internet speeds. It’s recommendable to make sure you have enough bandwidth to handle intense online gaming tasks like streaming before you start playing. You should also avoid any “heavy” tasks such as downloading large files and streaming videos while playing online games. Switching to Ethernet can also help since Ethernet connections tend to be more stable than Wi-Fi.

While internet speeds are largely to blame for this problem, the game you are playing could also be a problem. Games that utilize P2P (peer-to-peer) setups can have lagging problems if the other player has a bad internet connection. This problem can be addressed by ensuring your opponent has a good connection first.

Hanging or freezing

PC games are also prone to hanging/freezing. When you invest in a gaming desktop, you expect smooth gaming experiences. If you experience this problem when playing offline, chances are one of your PC components has a problem. It could be many components (from your GPU to RAM). If the hanging persists after you have selected a lower graphic setting, you can consider closing other programs/tasks running in the background to free your RAM and CPU power.

If these fixes fail to address the freezing, review your current hardware, and ensure it meets the specs required to play the game you are playing. If not, you may need to upgrade your gaming PC’s SSD. A new SSD will offer better load times. More RAM can also solve the problem.

Screen “tearing”

If your screen shows multiple frames from the same game instantaneously or splits into two, three, or more parts that aren’t aligned correctly, you have a screen tearing problem. This problem is special! Unlike most PC gaming problems, it’s linked to a combination of faulty components i.e., when the feed originating from your video card isn’t synced properly with the monitor’s refresh rate. As a result, your graphics card submits new frames before the monitor finishes showing the last frame. The result is a broken image with two or more frames.

PC games with vertical synchronization can solve this problem. Enabling this feature stops the video card from making any display updates before the monitor completes the current refresh cycle. However, this remedy can give rise to other problems like input lag i.e., a control input delays. This makes vertical synchronization ideal for specific games only i.e., single player games as opposed to multiplayer games where all instances count. Vertical sync will make the display as good as possible in slow-paced single- player games.

Poor performance + clicking sound

If these two problems show up together, chances are you have a HDD (hard disk drive) problem. While standards hard disk drives may be ideal for typical computing tasks and storage, you need the best-of-the- best HDDs for a gaming desktop. A slow-running PC that takes too long to start and perform basic function has a failing HDD, especially if you can hear a clicking sound. Getting a new hard disk will solve the problem.

In a nutshell, building your gaming PC from scratch may be a fulfilling experience; however, you may need to deal with some or all of the problems discussed above. If you are tired of troubleshooting gaming PC problems, you can opt for a prebuilt gaming PC that is built by true professionals and comes with dedicated support and troubleshooting in case of anything. Most importantly, you can pick the parts and custom build your PC just like you would on your own. Custom-built your own gaming PC today with true experts – Skytech Gaming.