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Quick Guide to Picking Computer Desktop PC Gaming Accessories

By Jason M

Assuming you’ve built the ultimate computer desktop PC for gaming from scratch. What’s next? Maybe you have ordered one of the best-prebuilt gaming rigs available today by Skytech Gaming. What else do you need to start gaming? Gaming accessories are an important part of the equation. Besides picking the best GPU, processor, cooling fan, motherboard, etc., you need to think about actual gameplay. Like consoles, gaming PCs must be accompanied by accessories that enhance the experience.

While casual gamers may be content about using typical computing accessories for gaming, mid-level to professional gamers keen on enjoying a great experience have preferences that go beyond standard PC accessories ranging from gaming keyboards to virtual reality headsets and full HD monitors. Gaming companies have many advanced gaming gadgets that meet the needs of all kinds of gamers. Whether you are a beginner or pro-gamer, you’ll want complementing accessories if you’ve spent your time and resources building a gaming rig from scratch or buying a prebuilt one. Here are the gaming accessories you’ll need to be able to enjoy the best gaming experience possible.

Gaming monitor

A high-tech computer desktop PC for gaming by 2020 standards needs a gaming monitor that is HDMI and VGA compatible. The monitor should also be large enough. Most gamers today are opting to convert two monitors into one to offer seamless action. Some still go for bigger gaming displays. Most importantly, the gaming monitor you select should offer full HD-performance coupled with “butter-smooth” frame rates. However, don’t forget to get some gaming glasses as well to avoid straining your eyes during long gaming sessions.

Gaming keyboard

While a normal PC keyboard can get the job done, you shouldn’t invest in a high-tech gaming rig with the latest GPU, processor, and RGB lighting just to use a normal keyboard. Most gamers overlook gaming keyboards, yet they make a great difference. Most importantly, don’t just buy any keyboard that comes your way.

You should prioritize comfort and usability. It’s also important to consider customized control pads and macro-functions that allow gamers to customize keyboard keys to perform multiple tasks with one click. This capability is critical when playing complex games over long periods.

It also helps to have a gaming keyboard that has backlights. Besides making gaming more exciting and aesthetically appealing, keyboard backlights will make it easy to see the buttons you are pressing, especially when gaming in a dark room. Considering most gamers love gaming in the dark, the keyboard you select should have custom backlights.

Gaming Mouse

Your gaming rig also needs a gaming mouse. This accessory may not appear useful to casual gamers. However, if you are planning on going pro or competing against seasoned gamers, you’ll need to invest in a mouse specifically designed for gaming. Some notable advantages of a gaming mouse include; faster responses, better precision, and custom features that make gaming extremely enjoyable.

However, like any other gaming rig components or accessories, there are many gaming mouse brands available today. The most critical consideration is ensuring you go for a mouse with a fast polling rate as well as one with many programmable buttons.

The mouse should also come with a mouse pad (preferably large) to allow a wide range of movement. The pad should be made of a bottom non-slip material (preferably rubber) to avoid inaccuracies and wrong movements.


If you are like most PC gamers and you don’t want to be limited to playing with a mouse and keyboard, you need to invest in a game controller as well. The best controllers are durable. They can also be customized and come in wireless and wired variants. Bluetooth compatibility is also and added advantage.

You can also consider universal compatibility i.e., controllers that can work with consoles as well as PCs. Other considerations include reasonable pricing and comfortable design. The best controllers don’t strain a gamer’s hands even after hours of gaming.

Racing wheel

If you are building a custom gaming rig solely/partly for playing racing games, you’ll need a racing wheel to have the most fulfilling experience. You can take racing games to the next level with a racing wheel that comes with a steering and pedals that mimic the effects of real driving perfectly.

The best racing wheels are made to offer gamers unmatched control during gaming. They also come with driving effects that mimic driving conditions/surfaces. There are racing wheels that match the most unique gamer preferences. You can go for recognized brands like Logitech known for unmatched responsiveness and driving experiences that simulate real driving.

Virtual reality headset

Gamers who plan on enjoying VR games should get the best VR headsets in the market today. There are several brands dominating the market currently from Oculus to Samsung, Sony PlayStation, and HTC. You should consider everything from pricing to motion control and the impressiveness of the VR experience. Most importantly, the headset you choose should work with non-virtual reality apps and games.

Gaming chair

Mid to pro gamers also need chairs specifically meant for gaming. Spending hours daily gaming can be a challenge if you don’t have good back support. Gaming chairs provide that much-needed comfort to stay focused on gaming continuously for hours. When selecting a gaming chair, consider a soft chair that doesn’t cause back, neck and/or posture issues after sitting for extended periods.

Noise-canceling headphones

Lastly, you’ll need some noise-canceling headphones to concentrate on your gaming and also enjoy the best gaming sound experience. Noise-canceling headphones are recommendable to all gamers (whether you are a novice or pro). Good gaming headsets have noise cancellation features allowing you to game anywhere, including a noisy household. The best headphones also come with other features such as microphones that allow communication with other players during multiplayer gaming. Hands-free headphones also work best since you won’t be confined by wires.

There are many other custom accessories that gamers may need for different games ranging from guns to chainsaws and gloves. However, you can start with the above gaming accessories and build up as you advance. Building a gaming PC is just the first step. If you are focused on becoming a pro, you’ll need to invest in accessories at some point. If you get stuck in the initial stages of your gaming computer building process, you can consider prebuilt options or design a custom gaming rig with the help of professionals like Skytech.

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