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Ramon Inoa

The build I had priced & what Skytech had to offer was not far off my budget. Same day shipping and 5 days later I was enjoying the beauty of what this machine has to offer.

Ruslan Fridman

Given the challenges with getting computer hardware nowadays skytechs offering was really a no brainer.


I just picked up the Oracle 2700x and I’ve been impressed so far. Great speed and features that won’t bust your budget. Very high quality components all the way around.

Mark Snyder

I am a software designer and Mod Developer…its perfect for what I need, I can run one development session with a separate render session and it’s smooth and responsive.

Michael H.

I can honestly say that this has to be the best purchase I have made when buying a pc. It’s fast, reliable, and an amazing product.

Timothy Lin

All you need to do is take out the stuff in the case and plug and play…the build of the computer, it wasn’t half-assed and made with care. It was cabled beautifully.

Elizabeth Noel Boyd

I’ve never owned a gaming PC before, but this computer has changed my world. Really good quality. Straight forward system. Skytech has a new fan out of me!

Julius Legair

THE PC is outrageously amazing. I runs smoothly with very very little issues i love it. No need for hardware upgrades with this bigboy.

Johnny A

[For the] price you can’t get anything better…the cable management and the lights are prestige. I liked it so much I recommended it to a friend and he bought it the very next day.

Shubham Agrawal

Had absolutely no trouble setting it up and begin gaming Price is pretty much comparable to buying and assembling all the components yourself.

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