12 Month 0% APR Available!

Ramon Inoa

The build I had priced & what Skytech had to offer was not far off my budget. Same day shipping and 5 days later I was enjoying the beauty of what this machine has to offer.

Ruslan Fridman

Given the challenges with getting computer hardware nowadays skytechs offering was really a no brainer.


I just picked up the Oracle 2700x and I’ve been impressed so far. Great speed and features that won’t bust your budget. Very high quality components all the way around.

Daniel Quiles

Ultimate pc i love it!!! i use it to make music and edit videos, and it does it with ease! highly recommend it!


I could not be more pleased with my purchase! Not only can the Shiva handle the most intense graphics, but it fits my personal tastes.


Had this PC for about 3 months and it runs any game over 130 FPS highest settings on 1440p resolution, great build haven’t had any issues so far.

Jacob Martin

The hardware included plays all the games at Ultra with no stutter…and the fans are so quite I can hardly tell the computer is on…the cable management is top notch.


Honestly, this PC is great. Easy to set up, great quality, and great support. I totally recommend this to anyone.


This is one of the best pc I bought in my life

Sophalina Cohen

Feels great knowing I have something reliable and powerful enough that there’s no game I can’t run on it. Really great cord management as well!

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