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    Is there an AIO cooler in this or is it the AMD stock CPU fan?
    Asked on September 3, 2021 9:54 am
    Answer Hello Joshua, this model comes with the Wraith Spire cooler. -Chris

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  1. Jeremiah H. (verified owner)

    We will call this part 1 of my review as I plan on updating it once I receive my unit back from support. I received my unit and all appeared to be great. It was packaged nicely and looked good. There was even a QC checklist with it that I thought was really nice, at first, it said everything was double checked for accuracy, including the correct memory being installed and the CPU and GPU had undergone stress tests to ensure proper functionality. I unpackaged my unit and began to look it over, the first thing I noticed was that the unit I bought was supposed to have 3600mhz memory but 3200mhz was installed which was supposedly double checked per QC sheet, irritating but I thought to myself no big deal we all make mistakes I will email and get the correct parts sent to me. I proceeded with setting the unit up and going through the initial start up. Once that was done I downloaded my first game and started setting it up, I bought this PC for a dedicated triple screen sim racing rig so there were several graphical and resolution settings to go through on the menus. I attempted to launch a session from the menu and the PC shut down…..cycled power, tried again, same result. I thought ok, let’s try another game. Went through the same process and had the exact same result when attempting to launch a session from the menu PC shut down. At this point I began thinking a possible PSU issue. Looked into the installed PSU and discovered it was a Gigabyte 750w which is currently under a recall for a large percentage of faulty units and fire hazards, not good. So at this point I am quite irritated, not only did my PC arrive with incorrect parts installed it was delivered absolutely non-functioning as a gaming PC. So now I feel like the QC checklist is just a piece of paper checked, initialed and thrown in the box prior to shipping to make a customer feel good and not an actual checklist to ensure a quality product. I have a hard time believing my unit went through any sort of stress testing. I contacted live chat support gave them some info and a RMA was issued to ship the unit back to Skytech for repairs along with an expected turn around time of 2-4 weeks. So I had to wait for the initial shipping to get a non-functioning unit just to have to turn around reship it to them and wait and additional 2-4 weeks to see if it will maybe now work properly, that’s a long wait for something that should have been caught before the unit was ever shipped to a customer. On a positive note the live chat representative was very helpful. As of today my unit has arrived back at Skytech for repairs. I do hope the product I receive back from them will change the way I currently feel about this product. I did extensive research prior to making my purchase and found Skytech to be one of the better gaming PC options, I am not currently of this opinion but we will see. I will update my review once I see what the unit is like when I receive it back in my possession as I can’t speak on anything performance related as of now except that there isn’t any.

    • Chris Lopez (store manager)

      Hello Jeremiah,

      I’m sorry to hear that your purchase didn’t meet your expectations. I’ll make sure they install the correct 3600MHz RAM and about the PSU, it technically wasn’t recalled but rather a voluntary recall. Regardless though, I made a note to replace that as well.

      I also went ahead and upgraded your shipping speed to expedited so you should get that much faster from repair. I look forward to your updated review once you receive your machine!


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