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    Please Note: These Build & Ship fees are non-refundable after 24 business hours from the date of purchase except in circumstances where Skytech Gaming is found at fault. For more information, please see our warranty policy.

    Build & Ship Speed

    Please Note: These Build & Ship fees are non-refundable after 24 business hours from the date of purchase except in circumstances where Skytech Gaming is found at fault. For more information, please see our warranty policy.


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Reviews (36)

4.92 out of 5
  • Victor encarnacion

    I love the PC great for the price the mouse and keyboard are perfect but the one thing i would change is that i would like them to use 2 sticks of memorie but the pc is amazing i do recommend 10/9

  • kevinalvarado0327

    Best game pc

  • Trey

    I’ve had this computer since last Christmas, and I have had a pretty good experience with it overall. It runs the games that I wanna play, and smoothly at that. I have also edited with this computer as well, and it’s good for that too.

  • Volodymyr Stavynoha (verified owner)

    I had the PC for few months now and its working great no problems yet. I bought this PC during the sale which for the price was really worth it. The delivery was quick and it came without any damages not even a dent in the box. The PC is ready to use straight out of the box, no set up is needed and is easy to use for people that know nothing about computers. Runs great on any game 60+ frames never lags or stutters. One of the great purchases I’ve made, worth it for the price. I would recommend anyone to buy it for this price!

  • Maycee (verified owner)

    I’m very pleased with the final product. Shipping/packing was excellent, I was worried my PC would come banged up from crossing the country but it was so well packed nothing was harmed.

    Pricing did not break the bank thankfully and I felt it was fair compared to other companies that were asking more for the same or lesser value specs.

    Customer support was always great, other than the long wait times which I know is not their fault. They always had answers and solutions to my questions.

    PC itself works great. I’ve had no issues with crashing and i’m able to play my game with 60+ FPS on epic settings.

    My only issue is was the time it took for my order to be built and processed. I had choosen the expedited build and shipping option but it was about a month before it was even started and then another couple weeks before it was shipped. HOWEVER, i’m able to look past this because of the fact the pandemic has pushed back build times considerably.

  • mero-108 (verified owner)

    this was my first custom gaming PC, and OMG it’s perfect. everything is running so smooth and even better than I expected. definitely get if you want a fast and great gaming PC XD.

  • brown8181raiders

    This pc Is very good Gaming pc I have not had any problems since I bought it and it runs at good speeds and the temperatures are very good.

  • Axel Schaefer

    I just received my PC today, and so far I love it! I am using it for light gaming, and streaming on Twitch. This PC gives me everything I need to do that and it is very aesthetically pleasing, because as we all know, gaming setups are 45% components and performance but are 55% looks.

  • Denise Cossey (verified owner)

    My PC came in today and was in great condition. The wiring was done really well and I’ve yet to see any problems with it so far. I highly recommend this to any that is new to PC gaming.

  • Shaine Clark (verified owner)

    Although I get occasional game crashes and such its running great havent had a single complete crash i get 200fps on most games i usually play like valorant borderlands and cs:go i would recommend getting one to most people looking for a cheaper option to play their steam library

  • Nick


  • stephen

    awesome but I cant see the stars so sorry if its not 5 stars

  • srtlife04

    This is my first gaming pc. I switched from Xbox one to the skytech mark v with the rosewell prism s500 case and rgb lights. I absolutely love it. Its more than I expected. I’m anxious to add more to it.

  • Jeff Hale

    I bought the skytech mark v with the rosewell prism s500 box. I absolutely love it. I searched for alien ware and ROG computers and came across skytech. No regrets and I love the LG ultra wide monitor it came with.

  • Gamer4stoners (verified owner)

    If you are looking for a Gaming PC and don’t want to build your own ….then ALAS this PC is for you! I’ve literally been playing every game at max settings. 5/5 great company, great customer, and great gaming pc!! Best PC I’ve ever owned!

  • weirdman_92_06

    Works amazing and has some beautiful color changes..looking forward to building it up more!!

  • Shelby McDaniel

    Works amazing and the color flashing is awesome! Looking forward to adding more things into as I build.it up more.

  • Troy McCoun

    Pretty cool ngl

  • Alex Rodriguez

    Got this PC for my 10 yr old son as his 1st gaming PC and couldn’t be more pleased. Graphics and visuals look amazing when paired with his new 24″ 144MHz monitor. The lighting controls and light up peripherals are just what i was he was wanting. I would definitely recommend this PC for any gamer looking to ease into PC gaming.

  • Shubham Agrawal (verified owner)

    Best option for performance on a budget ! The xasing and wire management are great, the lighting options on the fans/cooler are pretty fun, and the machine came with all drivers pre-installed. Had absolutely no trouble setting it up and begin gaming 🙂 Price is pretty much comparable to buying and assembling all the components yourself.

  • Howard Demedeiros (verified owner)

    Honestly this is a great computer I got the 2060rtx 16gb ram and ryzen 5 3600. This computer is insanely fast and getting 240 frames plus on fortnite and 120 frames plus on really demanding games.

  • markyboy671

    I love the fact that its not only a great price but the reliability and performance is just breath taking. I now recommend to all my friends in my gaming group that Skytech is the way to go I am proud to own one!

  • Juliet Santos

    I absolutely love it! Reliable, Performance, and Cost is all perfect! I play all types of games and use this for work at the same time this thing can do it all! Skytech is the way to go especially with Mark V I recommend for anyone who wants top quality and performance for the best price!

  • Jeremy Lynch (verified owner)

    I bought this PC for my son for Christmas and helped him set it up. He has been playing it nonstop since then. These are really nice computers. I love how you can customize them to the specs that you want and not just accept the prebuilt specs. I also feel like they are good value for a custom built PC and don’t cost much more than if you built it yourself. The shipping was plenty fast enough and arrived packed very securely. Customer service answered a question I had in a timely manner also. I have no hesitation recommending this PC or this company!

  • William earhart

    Just got it and wow it’s really fast and I love it can’t wait to have hours of play time on it

  • Damen R Evans (verified owner)

    I have been very satisfied with my machine so far, my only complaint is that I didn’t have the option to buy more ram from the get go.

  • Brett white

    Just got it today and so far so good. Speeds are amazing no lag!!! You will not be disappointed!!!

  • Nathan Baker

    very good

  • sml92572

    This is my first gaming computer and I have to admit that I’m blown away. I’m a computer tech, worked in the computer field for over 24 years and this computer meets my expectations of what a gaming computer should be for me. This computer outperformed with all the games that I have thrown at it. I love love love this computer. Thank you, Sky Tech Gaming for making this awesome computer!!! I will definitely recommend to my friends and family.

  • Aaron Pepo

    I got this pc as a present and I love it. I run games with no lag and it has great video quality. But it did not come with any instructions or a manual, but it came with a great keyboard and mouse.

  • Stephen

    Got this gaming pc about a month ago at Schewells. It came with a 29″ LG ultrawide monitor. Along with a gaming keyboard and mouse. It is definitely worth the money. Runs games at at least 60 fps. Still going to upgrade some features such as memory, storage, the processor, and graphics.

  • anxhelo llanaj


  • Allison Munday

    We currently bought this PC and love it. This is probably the best pc I’ve seen EVER!!! I know there are a lot better ones. But I love mine and wouldn’t trade it for anything in this world. I cant wait to download call of duty on it and see how it runs. I love all the led lights that was installed on it as well it makes it stand out and I love that.

  • Steven Kenley

    So I just recently bought this computer a couple of days ago. Let me tell you, I absolutely love this computer. It has the best graphics that I have ever seen. I was going to buy a cheap $600 gaming computer but this computer has twice even triple better graphic as the lower priced computer. I look forward to having this computer for a very, very long time. It definitely worth the money you pay for. Now I’m new to the gaming PC world but the only downside that I have is it doesn’t come standard with a dvd drive which if theres anyway that I can add one I would love to.

  • Benjamin Choong

    Absolutely love this computer. It’s great for mid-range gaming as well as just casual gaming. 1080p resolution on most games give about 80-100fps, which is pretty good for the price point. Fan doesn’t run loud at all even if it’s under load. So far, rendering everything on Adobe has been a breeze.


    Great customizability for lower end PCs and mid-range PCs like this one so I could find the perfect fit. As for the PC itself, this price of a PC should easily be able to run 60fps on mid-high graphics depending on what game you’re playing smoothly and works well for rendering 1080p video as well. I would recommend buying this model if you’re looking for a mid-range PC with a lot of customizability because a lot of other sites generally tend to focus on higher end PCs. The only negative that I’ve had is that the delivery time was not 5 days and more like 2 weeks.

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