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October 2023 PC game releases - Sonic Superstars

October 2023 PC Game Releases to Get Excited About

By Court Smith

See what October 2023 PC game releases we’re keeping our eyes on!

From action-packed adventures to thrilling racing and strategic sim builder games, this month’s lineup is sure to please fans of many genres. In this blog post, we’ll share some of the October 2023 PC game releases we’re most looking forward to.

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Assassin’s Creed Mirage – October 5

October 2023 PC game releases - hooded figure on a camel looking at a castle like building on a rocky mountain.

Embark on Basim’s journey through ninth-century Baghdad to transform into a skilled Master Assassin through the help of the enigmatic Hidden Ones organization. Immerse yourself in a new action-packed adventure with the foundation of the unique parkour and stealth assassination gameplay that has been a highlight of this franchise for years.

This title of the upcoming October 2023 PC game releases is available for pre-order on the Epic Games store, Ubisoft store, and through Ubisoft+. Developed by Ubisoft Bordeaux and published by Ubisoft.

Watch the official gameplay trailer:

Forza Motorsport – October 10

October 2023 PC game releases - two cars scraping against each other as they are racing.

This pick from the crop of October 2023 PC game releases promises to take you on a wild ride. In this racing game, you can drive over 500 real-world cars, with some modern race cars included, across dynamic tracks featuring time-of-day and weather changes to create unique driving experiences.

Available for pre-purchase on the Steam store and through Xbox game pass. Developed by Turn 10 and published by Xbox Game Studios.

See the official trailer:

Sonic Superstars – October 17

October 2023 PC game releases - Sonic Superstars - 4 characters lined up from left to right: Amy Rose, Knuckles, Tails, and Sonic, on a platforming plane of large mossy bricks.

Get ready to experience classic Sonic with a twist! Embark on an exciting journey through this fresh take on the original high-speed action platformer experience with 3D graphics and new Emerald power abilities.

This game will include a huge exciting feature that no other game in the franchise has before: you can play through the entire campaign in multiplayer through a local 4-player drop-in/drop-out co-op system. There will also be a Battle Mode in which you can compete with up to 8 other players online or locally.

Available for pre-order on the Steam store and the Epic Games store. Published by SEGA of America.

View the official announce trailer:

Cities: Skylines II – October 24

October 2023 PC game releases - a build menu in Cities: Skylines II, placing road among buildings.

A delay was recently announced for Cities: Skylines II, but only for console versions. As of now the PC version is still expected to launch this upcoming October 24th.

In this detailed city-building sim, you can construct a city from scratch and cultivate it to your whims, influenced as well by the dynamic elements of the environment: you’ll face challenges from pollution, weather, and seasonal changes. This game promises that every decision you make carries consequences for your city.

This title of the October 2023 PC game releases is developed by Colossal Order and published by Paradox Interactive. Available for pre-order on the Steam store and Xbox store.

Watch the official pre-order trailer:

Ghostrunner 2 – October 26

October 2023 PC game releases - first person perspective, holding a sword. Facing futuristic chamber with a path forward that requires jumping and acrobatics.

Ghostrunner 2 is an intense first-person sci-fi slasher adventure through a post-apocalyptic world. It promises to keep classic elements from the first game, while adding a ton of additional content and depth. Use your new abilities, progression system, and boss fight interaction potential to fight to save the future of humanity from the violent AI cult outside of Dharma Tower. You can even further immerse yourself in the world and story through a new dialogue system.

Available for pre-purchase on the Steam store, Epic Games store, and gog.com. Developed by One More Level and published by 505 Games.

View the pre-order trailer on YouTube (age-restricted video)

Alan Wake II – October 27

October 2023 PC game releases - Person in FBI jacket facing a wooded area in low light.

A series of murders looms over Bright Falls, a small community in the Pacific Northwest woods. Saga Anderson is an FBI agent renowned for solving difficult cases whose investigation takes an unexpected turn when the words of a horror story come true around her. Alan Wake, a writer trapped in nightmares, returns and mirrors her story through his attempt to shape his surroundings to break free using his writing. They are connected in mysterious ways in this story-rich thriller.

This selection from the October 2023 PC game releases is available on the Epic Games store. Developed by Remedy Entertainment and published through Epic Games Publishing.

Watch the official Gamescom trailer on YouTube (age-restricted video)

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