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Dead Island 2 Tips - Carla

Dead Island 2 Tips: Our Survival Guide for Hell-A

By Court Smith

Here are our best Dead Island 2 tips for surviving your fight through Hell-A!

Surviving Hell-A in this long-awaited recent installment of the Dead Island series can be pretty daunting, with just scraps to scrounge for and hordes of hard-hitting melee enemies coming after you. But you can turn those scraps into epic customizable weapons to fight back with, and each survivor comes with their own set of skills to help them along the way. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, check out our tips for surviving Dead Island 2!

Dead Island 2 Tips for Choosing Your Survivor

Dead Island 2 tips - Character selection

There are a few different characters you can choose to play, all with unique strengths, abilities, and playstyles. Get familiar with them:

Dead island 2 tips - Amy
Amy is very fast and mobile, but not very sturdy when actually hit. This applies for both combat and environmental damage. She does increased damage to enemies she gets alone, and is great for picking off powerful enemies by themselves.
Dead Island 2 tips - Jacob
Jacob is a fun and wild damage dealer. His stats come with some survivability, but his skills are mostly about dealing more damage. He gets a damage boost for attacking in quick succession, and a critical damage boost when stamina is low, as well as stamina regeneration from critical hits.
Dead Island 2 tips - Bruno
Like Amy, Bruno is also meant to be a sneakier attacker. He gets bonus damage to enemies attacked from behind, and he also gets a buff to his agility and heavy attack on a successful block or dodge.
Dead Island 2 tips - Carla
Carla’s specialties are her high resistance to environmental damage, and her unique increased strength when surrounded by enemies. She’s on the more scrappy and durable side, and great for running straight into the fray.
Dead Island 2 tips - Dani
Dani is another brawler whose focus is damage. She gets a bit of survivability still, and a skill that regenerates her health when killing multiple zombies quickly. Her other skill is one of the flashiest, triggering a forceful explosion on impact of her heavy attacks!
Dead Island 2 tips - Ryan
Ryan is the most sturdy and survivable fighter in combat, hands down. His skills also synergize with this and lend well to supporting him through the fray. He gains health when knocking down a zombie, and gains force when dodging or blocking successfully.

For new players, we recommend starting off with Ryan or Carla. Their survivability is a forgiving trait during the learning experience.

Dead Island 2 Tips for Weapon Management

You’ll need good melee weapons, but rare and higher qualities will be hard to come by early on in the game. Here’s how we recommend coping with that in the meantime:

  • Modify/Customize your weapons: The weapon modification system can improve and alter how powerful your weapons are to a great degree. While it can be helpful to save up resources instead of using them on weapons you’re not likely to keep for long, if you’re having trouble staying alive and you haven’t already modified your weapons it’s one of the first basic improvements we’d recommend.
  • Early on, rely on lockboxes and sidequests for some better weapons.
  • Check the unclaimed property section of the Storage Locker: if you frequently drop/throw weapons or remember recently losing or dropping a beloved item for sake of space space, you can find your beloved weapons again in this section.
Dead Island 2 tips - Weapon Upgrades

Dead Island 2 Tips for General Survival and Exploration

Here are some general tips for surviving as you move through the world and explore:

  • Counter combos really are worth the effort. Timing them can be hard, but the payoff will make up for the learning curve.
  • Choose dodge over block: We recommend using dodge rather than block, as it allows you to more consistently take less damage, and offers mobility.
  • Rely on snacks to heal to help cope with limited medkits. They may not heal as much, but a lot of them can add up.
  • If you haven’t already found out, you might want to know that you can backtrack to pick up additional resources once what you have looted has respawned. Be careful–the zombies will respawn, too.
  • Fuses are often worth buying, as you’ll run into many things you’ll need them to unlock.
  • Fast travel will be possible, but not until later on.
Dead Island 2 tips - Combat

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