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Should you Build a Desktop Computer in 2021?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely seen the influx in demand for next-generation gaming consoles. One thing that continues to and will always outpace consoles is PC gaming. After all, PC manufacturers have fewer limitations when it comes to crafting components and the various other things that can affect the performance of the hardware. A console not only needs to be relatively compact which can throttle or otherwise limit performance but it also needs to be relatively affordable for mass-market adoption. One way to skirt around these limitations whether you are a hardcore gamer or someone looking for better performance is to build your own desktop PC. Many gamers are making this decision and experiencing the benefits it comes with. However, unless you’ve done it previously, building your own can come with some decisions that may make you hesitate. Once you familiarize yourself with some of the tech jargon, you should be able to make a well-informed decision. In this article, you will learn about some of the key things that you should be considering when you are buying one.

Key Things To Consider When You Build Your Own Desktop PC:

1. Budget

Your budget will dictate a lot when you are building one. While it can get expensive, there are ways you can construct yourself an affordable gaming rig without emptying your bank account. That being said, you do need to factor your budget into the equation when you are customizing one. By knowing the key components that will directly affect the performance of your rig, you should be able to put your money to better use.

2. Key Components

If you are looking to optimize the performance you can get from the end-product, you need to know what you will be using it for. Figure out your primary use for your rig. Are you planning on using it for solely gaming? Are you looking to use it for streaming? Are you building one for graphic design or content creation? By understanding your use-case for the rig you are building, you will be able to better optimize your computer. A gaming PC should prioritize graphics card performance over everything else. After all, the graphics card is going to do most of the heavy lifting. Whereas, if you are planning on using it as a content creation tool, you may want to prioritize CPU performance and allocate more of your available budget to your CPU accordingly.

Graphics Cards

The graphics card is the most important part you will have in your system if you are going to be doing a lot of gaming on it. The graphics card that you put in your computer should be the bottleneck of your entire PC. When you are gaming, you want to be using as much GPU power as possible. That is typically why gamers should be looking to allocate as much of their budget to their graphics card as possible. For those who are going to be doing a lot of rendering or 3D CAD work, you will also want to ensure you are getting a beefy enough graphics card.


Your Central Processing Unit (CPU) acts as the brain of your computer [1]. For gamers, this part does matter. However, a lot of games use the processor in ways that don’t maximize its full performance. Therefore, the games don’t demand as much from the CPU as they do from the graphics card. This situation does change if you are gaming on lower resolutions as more of the processing demands are placed on the CPU over the GPU. Those running higher resolution monitors like 1440p or even 4K are going to have the majority of the processing placed on the Graphics Processing Unit.


While your motherboard isn’t necessarily going to have a direct impact on the performance of your rig, it will dictate the features that you can utilize. Therefore, you want to ensure you are choosing a motherboard that has all of the requisite features you need and that you plan on using. This is typically an area where you will be able to shave some money off the total purchase price of your build. Therefore, figure out what features you will be using and try to find the motherboard that offers everything you need for the best value for the money.

3. Cooling

While cooling is typically an afterthought for the majority of those who take the plunge, it shouldn’t be. When you build your own desktop, optimizing your cooling is key to optimizing its performance. Your computer’s cooling performance along with the cooling performance of the case will directly dictate the thermal performance you are getting inside of it. Having non-optimal airflow or poor overall cooling performance can hinder the effectiveness of your components. Along with reducing the results, you can get from your components, it can also negatively affect the lifespan of them. For this reason, you want to try to find good cooling parts that will be effective at getting the most out of the innards of your rig. While you don’t want to allocate too many resources to CPU cooling, fans, and your case, you want to find something that can help you get the best performance out of the computer.

4. Storage

No matter the use-case of your desktop, you want to ensure you are getting not only sufficient storage but the speed of storage that you will need. For those who will primarily be gaming, you may be able to get away with using either a single M.2 NVMe drive or a standard SSD. For those who plan on using it for content creation and a lot of intensive storage-related tasks, you may want to opt for larger storage and stick to M.2 NVMe’s for their optimal performance.

Why Should You Build Your Own Desktop?

One of the things that hold a lot of gamers back from experiencing the peak performance that PC gaming can offer is the fear of the unknown. Not everyone knows enough about building computers nor does everyone want to spend the time and energy troubleshooting every little thing. Skytech Gaming makes it as easy as possible to jump into the deep end and get yourself the best performance possible out of your desktop. Using the built-in custom PC builder interface, you can pick and choose the optimal components for your rig. If you want to completely take the guesswork out of the equation, Skytech Gaming makes it even easier with a full line of prebuild gaming rigs that you can choose from starting as low as $749.99.


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