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Skytech Gaming Plays: “Gimmick” for NES || Super Retro Turbo HD

By Court Smith

Watch Super Retro Turbo HD Hosts Play “Gimmick!”

Are you a fan of retro gaming? Do you like to watch others play through classic and obscure titles? If so, then you’ll love Skytech Gaming’s Super Retro Turbo HD stream! Watch this clip from the stream of hosts Blazewind and Bluezer playing through “Gimmick!”, a quirky and challenging platform shooter for the NES.

“Gimmick!” for NES

“Gimmick!” is a platform shooter developed by Sunsoft and released for the NES in 1992. In “Gimmick!”, you play as a small green creature named Yumetaro on a quest to find their human friend again. The game is known for its unique and colorful graphics style, catchy music, and most of all its difficult gameplay. See if our hosts can take on the challenge!

More Super Retro Turbo HD on Twitch

Every Tuesday and Thursday, hosts Blazewind and Bluezer showcase a retro game on the Skytech Gaming Super Retro Turbo HD stream, from classics everyone knows and loves to more obscure titles that may have flown under your radar. Not only that, but they also talk about modern solutions to make retro games look better than ever on new hardware. And if you’re curious about how they capture their footage for streaming, they’re happy to share their secrets! It’s the perfect way to spend an evening if you’re a fan of gaming history. So come join us live on our Twitch channel for all the fun! (Stream intended for mature audiences 18+)

Let us know on social media what games you want to see next on Super Retro Turbo HD!

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