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Top Custom Built Gaming PC Cooler Picks in 2020

By Jason M

Most gamers interested in a custom-built gaming PC tend to focus on processors and graphic cards. Cooling a gaming rig is as important as having impeccable graphics and processing speeds. Before you splurge your entire personalized PC budget on the latest GPU and/or AMD Ryzen/Intel Core processors, make sure you spare some money for a good cooler.

Selecting a good cooler starts with knowing the exact amount of power you’ll need. Based on this factor, you’ll need to select a power supply that can power all your components. Your cooling needs should be dictated by the power supply among other factors. For your custom computer build to be perfect, you must select the right power supply, cooler, and motherboard.

The best, in this case, doesn’t necessarily mean the most costly CPU cooler on sale today. The best coolers are those that meet your cooling needs perfectly. For instance, your cooler should be able to meet optimal video game demands characterized by factors like overclocking. Serious gamers are bound to run their computers optimally or past what they were designed for. The cooler you select should deal with such problems comfortably.

Let’s get right into it and discuss the best desktop coolers to consider in 2020 if you are building a customized desktop to play games..

1. AMD Wraith Stealth Coolers

AMD is a renowned global manufacturer of high-performance computing & visualization products. The company makes some of the best computer coolers for gaming desktops. Their Wraith Stealth Coolers (with/without LED) offer superior cooling performance.

AMD offers premium cooling solutions for gamers who care about how their PC sounds, looks, and runs. The Wraith Stealth line is the most basic AMD offering of coolers; however, they are superior to most competing models out there today. Wraith stealth coolers offer near-silent operation coupled with thermal hardware. There’s no increase in cost if the coolers come with existing processors.

If you prefer a superior AMD Wraith Stealth cooler without LED, you have ten options ranging from; the AMD Ryzen 5 3600, 2600, 2400G, and 1400 to the AMD Ryzen 3 3300x, 3200G, 3100, 2200G, 1300X, and 1200. AMD Wraith Coolers with LED include the AMD FX 8370, 8350, 6350, and A10 7890K.

The coolers are ideal for anything from serious gameplay cooling with the AMD Ryzen 5-3600 to the highest multiprocessing performance cooling needs for quad-core gameplay and computing.

b. 120mm AIO

The all-in-one (AIO) 120 mm liquid cooler stands out for efficiently driving heated air from the processor out of the case to the fans. 120 mm AIO coolers are also known for their silent operation and efficiency when compared to typical coolers out there. The coolers may cost slightly more, but this is a worthy compromise when you get the perfect model.

If you choose to use a 120 mm AIO for your custom desktop build, there are some considerations to make. First and foremost, a convenient slim radiator will come with notable benefits like lower CPU temperature and increased performance. You should also consider coolers with LED lights if you are keen on aesthetics. Other notable features to consider when picking a 120 mm AIO include quiet operation, easy-to-use software, an extended warranty (5 or more years), and a good price. It also helps to choose a cooler that is easy to install i.e., long cable allowing distance connections and a good size for an easy fit.

c. 240mm AIO

Pro gamers prone to insane overclocking should choose this cooler. The 240mm AIO offers cooling performance that matches or even rivals the best air coolers available today. Provided the rig has been correctly ventilated, the 240 mm AIO will achieve decent overclocks. This air cooler also stands out for being compatible with many cases (small to medium cases). The coolers also have better aesthetics when compared to air coolers. 240 mm AIO coolers are also easy to install compared to water cooling loops in customized installations.

d. 360mm AIO

The 360mm AIO is for top-level gamers with the most high-tech rigs that need to be kept cool even during overclocking. Since there are many 360mm AIO coolers, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the best 360mm AIO features to look out for.

Excellent cooling performance during overclocking should be at the top of your list. When judging cooling performance, focus on the radiator, cold plate (preferably nickel-plated), and fans. Your cooler should have a low idle temperature. Ideally, a 4.5GHZ load should offer a delta score under 43 degrees offering huge headroom to push the rig further.

It’s also important to choose a cooler that is easy to install and use. Features such as different modes (auto to PWM) increase usability. The price and aesthetics should also be considered. If you are those gamers keen on lighting, a cooler with RGB lighting comes highly recommendable.

While there are other computer coolers in the market, the above coolers are popular for a reason. You obviously need to dig deeper to get the best cooler for your build. Unlike other components that require basic computing knowledge, coolers should be selected by persons who understand desktop gaming builds. As mentioned above, you need to calculate your power needs first. You also need to consider specific components like the motherboard and power supply.

As a result, beginner to intermediate gamer looking to build a PC should consider prebuilt desktops. A prebuilt rig computer comes equipped with a cooler of your choice matched with all other components perfectly. This eliminates the hustles of selecting and mismatching coolers. Pro gamers can also benefit from buying prebuilt PCs because they don’t need to waste time assembling components.

If you fancy the best prebuilt PCs fitted with the best coolers available today, consider prebuilds from renowned custom-designed desktop makers like Skytech. They have a variety of pre-built computer

deals with the best coolers available today. It’s also possible to design a custom build with any cooler of your choice and other components and have the PC assembled by true experts.

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