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Choosing the Best Computer Gaming Desktop in 2020 for a Bargain

By Jason M

There is so much more to a computer gaming desktop than you might think. At the time of this writing, a PC is a personal computer for home or office use. Where a Gaming Desktop is designed explicitly for most video game titles. These PCs differ from typical PCs in regards to computing power. They are more performance-oriented with features like high core-count CPUs and high-performance video cards. Video game desktops prioritize raw performance over power efficiency. The best are designed with gameplay as the main application surpassing the latest consoles in most, if not all aspects.

Ignore myths surrounding the death of PC gameplay. The best/latest desktops today can run 3D games better than the latest Play Station and Xbox consoles. If cost isn’t an issue, you can build your own custom PC from elite boutique desktop makers or from a trusted pre-build brand such as Skytech. However, it’s possible to get the right desktop from PC manufacturers for a bargain if you understand what you should look out for. Here’s how to choose the best gaming desktop in 2020 regardless of factors like cost.

Consider the obvious – graphics card!

The price of these PCs generally correlates with visual quality and animation performance. As a result, most expensive PCs out there usually have better graphics cards. One critical consideration in regards to graphics cards is if there is “room” in the gaming system if you want to add more graphics cards. Most boutique manufacturers sell systems fitted with multi-card arrays if you wish to play games at their best immediately. However, the trend is fading slowly. Most game developers today aren’t writing games that leverage multiple cards. Support for multiple card technology is also diminishing.

It’s better to focus on the best single graphics card you can get or afford going forward. While some games may be optimized for a specific card, you should focus on a card that matches your budget. AMD or Nvidia based options are largely based on two factors – price and performance. When buying a complete gaming PC, you don’t have to pay separately for a card. However, it pays to understand how much and what you are paying for.

Have 4K and virtual reality in mind

High-end GPUs are costly, but you’ll benefit from extra FPS power. You’ll also be able to enjoy multiple-monitor setups. Most importantly, high-end graphics give you the power to enjoy 4K streaming and virtual reality in the future. 4K resolution monitors and displays in the latest virtual reality headsets have a higher pixel count. You’ll need at least one high-end graphics card to enjoy a 4K experience at the best settings and similar requirements for a smooth VR gameplay.

While getting a graphics card for virtual reality isn’t as demanding as getting one for 4K play, VR headsets have unique graphics requirements. The most popular (Oculus and HTC) need the latest generation cards.

However, you can still enjoy a good video game experience for less by selecting a PC with a single but good middle-tier video card. If you don’t care too much about VR, less powerful GPUs can still give you a good experience for much less money.

Processing power

GPU aside, you also need to consider the main processor chip (CPU). While GPUs focus on graphics quality, processors handle everything else, the most notable being determining how your computer will handle demanding tasks requiring non-graphics calculations. Intel and AMD are currently the best processor providers in the PC master race world. AMD boasts of the Ryzen Threadripper processors currently while Intel has the Core X-Series. Both AMD and Intel processors are pricey.

While processor advancements are exciting, you don’t need to pay the highest price to enjoy the best PC gaming experience. Both Intel and AMD have other chips like the Core i9 chips and Ryzen 9 chips, respectively, which are excellent performers at a better price. There are much “lesser” processors (Ryzen 5 and 7 Lines for AMD and Core i7 Intel processors) that offer just the right computing muscle for a satisfying PC experience. These processors are perfect for budget gamers looking for deals without compromising on speed. You should consider this and other options like the Core i5 and Ryzen 5 if you’re keen on more savings and still getting the job done.

For video game applications, the high-level processor vs. high-level GPU battle should favor graphics. Better graphics are better for 3D-intense FPS games. However, when playing games with plenty of background mathematical calculations, consider processor power instead. The same applies to computer applications like converting/editing videos.

RAM & Storage

Most gamers overlook RAM when choosing PCs. This shouldn’t be the case. Desktops should have 8GB or more of memory. If you care about eliminating common performance bottlenecks, consider 16GB or more. While you can get a computer desktop with 32 GB RAM, there’s usually no need to go beyond 16GB unless you are using multiple applications simultaneously.

In regards to storage, SSDs are more common because of price. They also offer other benefits like a fast boot and wake-from-sleep time. SSDs also take less time to launch games and load new levels. A good solid-state drive with 4TB capacity will get the job done. There’s no need to go higher because of cost and availability. You can also pair small and large capacity hard drives i.e., a 500GB and 4TB or more spinning hard drive if you download many games and videos online.

Don’t forget about necessary PC accessories

Specs aside, you’ll need many external components to have a memorable gaming experience. We recommend accessories such as a good Esports headset and a top-notch monitor with a quick response rate. A good monitor featuring a high refresh rate will absorb excess frame rates demanded by robust video cards.

The importance of choosing a comfortable mouse, keyboards, and specialized controllers can’t also be overemphasized. In most cases, it’s better to select these items separately rather than limiting yourself to what’s offered. Most importantly, don’t forget to invest in a comfortable chair.

With the above information in mind, you are bound to end up with the a superb desktop in 2020 at a bargain. While there are other considerations to make, such as upgrading capabilities, ray-tracing capabilities, VR headset system requirements, and more, we’ve done our best to summarize everything you should know to get started in your selection process when building out your desktop today. Nothing is comparable to the experience offered by a PC specifically built for playing video games. We’ve simplified the complex task of identifying as well as building a gaming PC that will work great with current tech advancements.

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