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Mark V

(27 customer reviews)

$799.00 $649.00

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Mark V

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$799.00 $649.00

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Additional information


AMD Ryzen 5 2600 6-Core 3.4 GHz (3.9 GHz Max Boost)

Hard Drive



B450 High Performance Gaming Motherboard


8GB DDR4 2400 Mhz Gaming Memory with Heat Spreader


Windows 10 Home, 64-bit

Power Supply

500 Watt



27 reviews for Mark V

  1. Beta Max

    This PC is the best pc everrrrr!!!! I’m posting a YT video on it when I get it, thank you skytech!!!! (Btw my YT channel is BetaMax Fortnut

  2. MEXIJUAN69 (verified owner)

    Just got the PC yesterday and its amazing! Couldn’t have asked for a better PC! Came with windows ready and started having fun as soon as I got it! Had a little wifi issue but got it solved with the AMAZING customer support.

  3. Cameron (verified owner)

    Not bad if you dont want to build yourself. My “professional wiring” ended up with my gpu’s power cables being bundled up and laying on top of my ram .. so save the 15 bucks there because there anything professional about that since it could’ve been easily hidden. The shipping packaging was very high quality though so i do give them extra props there. And the drivers were up to date which is very convenient. Overall if you dont want to build it yourself the extra cost may be worth it, but if you have built a pc before then just take the extra time and do it yourself to save the money

  4. Elijah

    i got this pc about a week ago it runs a whole bunch of games at amazing amount of smoothness like Fortnite CSGO GMOD PUBG and many other games its not only good for gaming it could be used for work aswell with its fast cpu and graphics card nothing can beat this pc it has run perfectly fine for me all the games play amazing ive had no issues i honestly give this pc a 10/10 definetly reccommend it to people looking for a pc!

  5. bumg_52 (verified owner)

    Pc is amazing for games it came as expected it runs fortnite 1080p i had no issues it came with windows my drivers were all up to date if you choose rgb it is very user friendly overall this pc can do anything run games do work watch videos i rate it a 10/10!

  6. ottoreick (verified owner)

    So far this pic has played everything I put at it with no issues and I’ve had no software issues either

  7. Irios21499 (verified owner)

    Mark V with the white corsair casing is amaaazing. It runs great but what I got frustrated was there was no power cord!

  8. Zane

    absolutely amazing pc works with every game i have with very good frame rate. also it is a great pc for the price. one of the best pc i have ever owned.

  9. isaiah rios (verified owner)

    Amazing PC I got friends who want one! Hook your boy up skytech 😉

  10. Christopher Salvaggio

    I recently purchased a comparable skytech gaming pc blaze from with a Ryzen 5 2600 6-core and an NVIDIA geForce 1660ti. I had been out of PC gaming for nearly a decade but really missed the precision a mouse and keyboard lend to FPS games such as battlefield and RTS games such as Starcraft. I can easily say that I am happy with my purchase. The computer I purchased had “Mid-range” specs but performs excellently. You won’t max out a game like BFV but it runs most everything with great graphics and high FPS. I would recommend to Skytech gaming PCs to anyone interested in purchasing a well built, awesome gaming PC.

  11. Charles Becker (verified owner)

    Built and purchased a great system. Run’s well and was very competitively priced. Ryzen 5, SSD, 8 Gskill Trident Z and Radeon 580, solid starter that I can upgrade in the future. so far a great system. One draw back is that they provide a crappy keyboard. But like bike seats, the keyboard was the first replacement. Fast, very fast, for the price. Great deal!

  12. Rob

    Had this pc for over a week and it is awesome. All I had to do was just plugged in the cords and it
    Was ready, no missing parts as well. Great quality

  13. Rob

    This is an amazing system, I’ve had this for about 3 weeks and there’s no software or any problems with it. I would recommend this for lots of people.

  14. Ren

    Amazing and Beautiful PC! Thanks so much Skytech gaming =) <3

  15. sorabandit (verified owner)

    I originally had the plan of building my first PC, however, when I came across Skytech, I found that it would be much more affordable and safer to have it done through them. Thankfully, I am more than satisfied with my system. Spec wise, Skytech had the parts and options that I was already considering. Additionally, my questions prior to making my purchase was answered fast and directly by the Support team. I’ve had my Pc for a few weeks now and it is great. The inside is neatly organized and runs fairly quietly. Boot-up is fast (thanks to the SSD) and games run great. Additionally, programs such as Photoshop and other digital media software are a breeze to use as well. I’ve experienced no technical hiccups and I’m glad to have found such a great company to shop from. I completely recommend Skytech’s Pcs for anyone looking for superb quality.

  16. michael_crafter19

    Great. Looks good, feels good, and runs good.

  17. Ben weirich (verified owner)

    I purchased the Ryzen 5 a couple months ago and am happy with the purchase. The customer service was a great part of the experience. Someone helped me pick parts for the areas of the computer I wanted to upgrade. I also haven’t had a pc that was this fast and reliable.

  18. lynneasa Brown

    My company purschased as a demo computer, so i havent had that much expierence with it. However i love it and it definitely an attention piece.

  19. Juan Morales

    This PC was worth everything and its faster and stronger then my old one and i have no plans on switching it with any other ones. I want to recommend everyone thats buying a pc to get this brand!

  20. Mike

    Bought mine through Newegg so the configuration was sightly different. Mark III case with Ryzen 5 2600 cpu. I purchased an additional 8 GB of memory. Case is better looking than the photos but it is taller than it appeared in the ad. Packaging was great. Got the ram in easy and the system came right up. Adding my 1 TB drive was a little bit more complicated. I had to take off the back side panels to get to the cabling for the HD. I had to remove the GPU to get to the SATA socket. It might have been accessible to some more familiar with the board layout but I was not. All went back together nicely. I am not a gamer more of a power user and bought it for the price performance. I am very happy with it so far. I scan slides and got my old Minolta DiMage Scanner up and running pretty quick. It seems to scan noticeably faster than my old Core i5. I used up all of the USB ports on the back and have one USB 3 and one USB 2 left on the top. Dual monitors are working fine. Great machine.

  21. Rachel Gniewek

    So far so good! I can’t wait to play some more!

  22. Matthew Walton

    This is my first gaming PC and I LOVE IT.

  23. James Garden

    Hello this a quick review of this product. It works great no issues at all the lighting is amazing and the performance is awesome defiantly recommend to a gamer looking to up there game but not spend tons of money on a brand new pc

  24. Ulysses

    This pc is sooooooo good omg and it’s so cheap I wasn’t sure if this sight was being legit or not but it is and the pc is amazon

  25. ckde2018

    This PC is blazing fast and handles anything I throw at it. Multitasking is a breeze! A simple reboot takes just seconds. I am very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an awesome gaming rig on a budget! Not to mention it looks amazing as well. I chose the Rosewill Prism S500 which I feel is a beautiful, well built case!

  26. Freddy

    This pc is blazing fast you have no idea. You can play any triple A title at 100 FPS plus it’s so good

  27. Jacob Stirling

    I dont know why is it that this pc is so fast but hey I’m not complaining. To anyone buying this please do so it won’t let you down

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