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Mark III

(40 customer reviews)

$599.00 $499.00

  • Case Size

    *Operating System

  • *Case



    *CPU Cooling





    *Thermal Paste





    *Primary Drive

    *Primary Drive

    *Secondary Drive

    *Secondary Drive

    *Graphics Card

    *Power Supply

    *WiFi Adapter

    *WiFi Adapter




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Mark III

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$599.00 $499.00

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Additional information


AMD Ryzen 3 1200 4-Core 3.1 GHz (3.4 GHz Turbo)

Hard Drive



ASRock AMD A320M Micro ATX


Windows 10 Home, 64-bit

Power Supply

500 Watt




8GB DDR4 Gaming Memory with Heat Spreader [2400 Mhz]

40 reviews for Mark III

  1. dustin hailie

    honestly really nice buying process i just wish i could pay once a month for 12 months or pay using debit/credit

  2. Dustin hailie

    Okay the PC arived yesterday, they were building within 18 days took over a month to arrive and i think got the wrong mother board on top of that the led rgb choice does not work

  3. Alex


  4. madycris03 (verified owner)

    Mine came really quickly. I’m pretty happy with what I got. Thank you so much!

  5. manny

    So far 5 stars, got the computer up in running no problem things seem to be working fine, it took a while to get here but in the end happy, THANK YOU Skytech Gaming

  6. gg

    the pc was cool i got 152 fps n fortnite and 209 in rocket leauge and 243 in minecraft

  7. MikeH

    I have assembled my own PCs for years, but have finally reached that point of having more money than spare time. So I chose to purchase this MarkIII in miniATX, and am really impressed. The build quality is great. Fantastic job of not just routing all the wires, but hiding them completely. Great job Skytech. Happy customer.

  8. Joshua

    A great gaming PC, runs smoothly, but paper that said not to turn on product until removal of inside stuff was on the side.

  9. Joshua

    great pc, works perfectlly.

  10. Dangelo

    Very nice

  11. Adam Mitchell

    No complaints. This mark III model is a great price. It’s cheaper than ordering all the parts individually.
    I’ve done some light gaming and it performs well. It runs quietly as well. We’re very satisfied with this product.

  12. Jay Wright

    Purchased this with a Ryzen 5 2600 & RX 580 4GB via Newegg. I was concerned about shipping but it was packed really well with soft foam and some kind of inflatable inside the PC itself stopping the parts from moving. Ran all the benchmarks (Furmark, Novabench, etc) and everything performs as it should with good thermals and noise. Very impressed with Skytech, recommended!

  13. Ben (verified owner)

    I absolutely loved buying from skytech! They simplify the process, and their technical support is unmatched by any competitor! With all the different options, my PC feels so unique. I love their speedy assembly and shipping speeds. Mine was up and running my games within a week of purchase. This couldn’t have been a better experience and I can’t wait to buy again in the future. 100% recommend to anyone looking, I’ve been bugging my friends to check them out as well.

  14. Dave

    This pc is amazing works for all of my gaming needs. Great price for a great pc.

  15. Garrett

    Good computer, happy with how it turned out. Everything runs as it should

  16. Tyrone Dixon

    I received my skytech gaming pc a few days ago and I am very happy with the pc it is very quite and runs like a champ. I was very surprised that they upgraded the graphics card from what the walmart website said. I got the Nvidia RTX 2600 when the website said the Nvidia GTX 1600 3gb. I have nothing negative to say about this PC other then the packing Job someone put the warning to remove the packing material inside the computer on the inside of the computer. Seems to me that is something that should be taped to the outside of the case and not on the inside of it. That is a VERY important warning. but other then that I will tell you this thing as the speed of a bullet when loading and I have not found a single game so far that I can’t put the settings on ultra. If you are thinking about buying this PC I says don’t think about it anymore hit that buy button because you will not be sorry you did.

  17. Troy

    It works like a charm

  18. Nerob Rahman

    This pc has been better than my last two. The performance is nice and smooth. A good and cheap starter pc.

  19. michael

    my games run smooth and has great frames and little to none frame drops.sometimes it freezes but after a while it just stopped doing it.would recommend for everyone great pc and awesome price.

  20. Anthony

    This is an amazing computer for the amazing price runs a lot of games way better than i expected it too. This one of the best budget gaming computers i have ever seen. Thank you so much for making one of the best gaming computers ever!

  21. Joe Clapp

    I love this PC soo much but there is one thing!
    The version I got, the graphics card inputs are the only ones you can use which is sad for me considering that I wanted to use the VGA for my other monitor. I am hoping that they see this review so I can get my 10$ amazon gift card that was promised so I can buy a DVI cord.

  22. Riley Stevens

    I purchased the Sky Tech Blaze PC a few days and could not have asked for a better computer for gaming and school. The whole unit is easy to set up and use and the lag free sensation is second to none. Would defiantly recommend to a new PC user.

  23. Jessica Phar

    I purchased this computer through Newegg for a great deal of $599. I even purchased another stick of memory to make it 16GB. I would have given this a 5 star, however, there is something wrong with the NIC card for the wifi. It hasn’t worked since we bought it. My husband contacted the company only to be told that they wanted the entire tower sent back. Why send the entire thing back when all I needed was a replacement NIC card. So now I need to buy a replacement which I feel I shouldn’t have to do. Other than that, the computer runs great and has been working great for my gaming!

  24. Riley Stevens

    This computer is absolutely amazing. My Blaze model runs every game will and with no problems of lag or downtime. Highly recommend.

  25. Ky Nguyen

    Got this Pc as a replacement for my old desktop. The tower was very well package and I am very happy with the performance so far. it run very fast and quiet. I am also very impressed with the fact that the cable inside the PC was very well organized. Overall I am very happy with this purchase.

  26. Hung Nguyen

    Great Computer ! It’s super fast-when I turn it on, everything is loaded right away. I love it and is taking a good care of it as my baby.

  27. revanano

    Bought Archangel Ryzen 5 2600’s, w RX580 card, 500GB M2 drive and 8GB Ram via Newegg. Been using for about a week now and am very happy with the performance on The Elder Scrolls Online. Using the AMD Radeon settings to launch the game and override the game graphics limits for excellent graphics and game play. Does not have a lot of unwanted programs loaded and was extremely easy to setting up.
    Cons: No manual that I can find. Keyboard is low quality and had continuous typos, i.e. t|y|pos|.
    Switched keyboard out w old G15, no problems. Using the 5 button mouse, just wish I knew how to make it not change colors

  28. Mary

    My Skytech PC is very good and runs well. I am finding no lag and it stays cool for hours. Would recommend for a newby pc owne

  29. M

    I’ve always built my PC’s, but my latest one died after 6 years. I honestly hate pre-built PC’s due to being overpriced for crappy, low-quality parts, but I needed an “emergency” PC and didn’t want to wait to receive the parts, so after reading reviews on Amazon and double-checking the PC specs, I took a chance and purchased this PC from SkyTech on Amazon.
    – Low-cost gaming PC that runs 99% of games today on high settings
    – Good cable management
    – Reasonable components for the price
    – Good looking chassis (case) with tempered glass on side
    – No bloatware on installed Windows 10
    – Minimum power supply, wish it was at least 600 instead of 500 for future component upgrades
    – Wish there were more USB ports, only came with 4
    – Wish there were more VGA ports, only came with 1 (connected to GPU)

    Otherwise, this PC was definitely a pleasant surprise. If you want a beastly gaming PC that won’t break your bank, I highly recommend the Mark series from SkyTech.

  30. joshd89 (verified owner)

    Received my Computer a week ago and am absolutely loving it. This being my first gaming PC, I was thrilled to have it out the box. After set up, I was blown away at the feeling and power that the computer has to offer. Skytech has insanely good value for what you’re getting (Trust I compared LOTS of other sites) And am satisfied with my purchase. Would recommend to any gamer!

  31. Felipe Lemus

    So I had got the pc like a week ago it came in so fast I was so happy to use it. I am so in love with. This is my first ever pc and for $650 I think it’s amazing. My FPS is great it’s not laggy or nothing.

  32. Max

    This is a quality PC that’s great for gaming. The price is decent and worth it for the hardware. I haven’t noticed any issues yet.

  33. Austin

    This pc is god tear for it price it’s by far the best on the market

  34. Sydney

    As someone who builds PCs I’ve come to a point where my daily job takes up to much time out of my day. That’s where Skytech comes in and saves the day with really nice cable management and great bang for your buck.

  35. Alyssa jay

    $500 for this honestly best choice ever. I mean y’all lights think it’s a scam but it isn’t easy 100
    Plus frames all day everyday

  36. Jerald Finley

    Bought this pc for my son on amazon and it’s one of kind he said he’s in love it feels so good to make him happy thanks sky tech

  37. Sydney Hall

    Hey names Sydney hall not sure if my review posted so he’s another just got the pc and I’m very pleased it’s just plug and play happy customer

  38. Ryan (verified owner)

    I’ve always built my own rigs but time is short now a days and my kid wanted a pc to play the latest games so I gave skytech a shot. I gotta say they did a great job and this was a christmas present. So it is now August and I’m writing this review because I’ve had zero issues so far and it was well worth the money. I will be purchasing another setup from these guys in the near future

  39. Raddem1

    After having it for a while and using it for some heavy games, it has done so well. It gives amazing graphics and very smooth game play. It is what got me through the summer lol :). The only changes I would make are: it coming with something built in for wifi and letting it have a sleep button, not a shut down one.

  40. Marioalexis

    It worked very well I play Fortnite cs go and other games over 140 FPS,no issues since I bought it

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