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Skytech Gaming PC Model Update: Shiva 2

By Court Smith

We’ve made major improvements to one of our gaming PC models.

Introducing Our Updated Prebuilt Gaming PC Model: Shiva 2

We recently released an updated model in our line of Shiva gaming PCs, the Shiva 2, which features an improved case with better cooling design compared to our original Shiva model. Our updated Shiva 2 is designed to offer great performance for casual gamers on a mid-range budget, now with better airflow to get the most out of your PC’s components.

Our Quest for Optimization & Efficiency

At Skytech Gaming, we want to squeeze every bit of performance we can out of a gaming PC. Part of designing an efficient machine is efficient cooling. This is our focus for the new Shiva 2 model. The Shiva 2’s new case gives components plenty of room to breathe, and wide sections of mesh on its panels for more intake and exhaust flow.

Checking The Thermostat: The Numbers

After we tested the thermal performance of the new Shiva 2 case, we found that comparing a Shiva 1 and 2 with similar internal components on a CPU stress testing program called Prime95. The case airflow improvements took the max CPU temperature during the test down from 90 degrees Celsius in the original Shiva to a much cooler 78 degrees C in the improved Shiva 2. That’s a 15% change in temps, keeping components cooler and allowing more headroom to push performance to the limit.

Shiva 2 Features:

  • Two bright RGB strips along the front of the chassis, with customizable lighting modes.
  • 3x 120mm RGB fans.
  • Optimized airflow. Breathable mesh sections on panels.
  • Glass side panel to view components.
  • Full-sized ATX form factor tower case.
  • White chassis for a clean and bright aesthetic.
  • 802.11 ac Wi-Fi capable.
  • Skytech Gaming standard 1-year parts, labor & shipping support. Lifetime technical support.

On Sale Now:

See the full specs of our first Shiva 2 configuration on our website today! Until 9/23, and while supplies last, our first configuration of the Shiva 2 model will be on sale on our website for $1,199.99, an early-bird launch bargain! After 9/23, when in stock it will still be available for its normal price of $1,299.99.

Tell Us What You Think!

We want to know what our community of gamers and content creators wants to see from us. Let us know on social media which of our models you’re hoping for a redesign of next!

About Skytech Gaming:

Skytech Gaming is a System Integrator that builds prebuilt and custom PCs for both, gaming and creative work.  We aim to offer the best experience and performance at every budget, from low-cost entry level machines to the latest bleeding edge high-end showcase PC’s.

If you would like more information about this PC, please contact Skytech Gaming’s customer support team at (888)370-8882 or [email protected]. Our agents will be happy to do their best to help as soon as they can!

Press Release

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