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6 Factors to Keep In Mind Before You Buy Gaming PC

Want to become the Undertaker and takedown Randy Orton in Wrestlemania? Or maybe make a comeback as Stone Cold Steve Austin to teach Vince McMahon a lesson? Well, there’s no better way to make your dreams come true than buying a PC that supports WWE games. But for someone who has only had the experience of playing a console, building a computer may be a challenge.

The first thing that you would want is good graphics. 2D games have become a thing of the past now. What you need is an excellent graphics card that ensures mind-boggling visuals. The graphics card needs support from the computer’s motherboard and processor to run flawlessly. But are these terms becoming too confusing for you? Are you finding it hard to grasp which part best fits with which hardware?

Well, you are not alone. If you don’t have experience assembling a gaming computer, we suggest you leave it to the professionals.

Skytech Gaming comes with options for both custom-built and prebuilt computers that suffice your needs to play the latest wrestling or Pokemon games on your computer. We understand that a lousy desktop can mar your experience of playing. But with our experts, you can count on us to provide a personalized computer that works like the speed of light.

Apart from prebuilt computers, you can also look at our custom builder section. But we would recommend that you keep the following factors in mind before you buy a Skytech:

1. Motherboard

You may come across articles that consider GPU as the most crucial part of your computer. We disagree with that. According to our experts and many other professional gamers, the motherboard is the most critical part of a gaming rig. It is the part that harnesses power from the computer’s CPU, GPU, RAM, and various other components. From Asus ROG Maximus XII Extreme to MSI Z390-A PRO LGA1151, we have tons of motherboards available. Often times the brands of motherboards vary which is why we do not list them. However, on our custom build option, you can pick one according to your budget.

2. GPU

Yes, the GPU is definitely important, but it comes slightly behind the motherboard in terms of importance. Your PC’s GPU enhances your video game experience as it can improve your computer’s frame rates. You wouldn’t want your favorite WWE superstars to have pixilated faces, right? That would make for a terrible experience. That’s where our tried and tested GPUs can improve the frame rates of games that demand clarity and seamless visuals.

But be prepared to face a dilemma while choosing your GPU. There is tough competition among brands like ZOTAC GeForce and Nvidia. If you want real-time raytracing, then you should go for Nvidia without any second thought. But if you want a balanced GPU that works for all types of games instead of just WWE, then you should choose ZOTAC GeForce.

3. CPU

Our experts focus on balancing a PC’s GPU with its CPU. And we suggest that you don’t spend all your money on the GPU. A good CPU also enhances your gaming experience by supporting the motherboard and GPU efficiently. Together with the cooling fan, it prevents your computer from slowing down even if you continue playing for hours.

4. Cooling solution

The cooling fan isn’t the only hardware that keeps your computer’s temperature under control. Our computers also come with excellent cooling solutions with multiple exhaust points so that the CPU cabinet can exhale heat from its chamber. The more heat it emits, the quicker your computer performs. Our experts suggest that you buy an all-in-one liquid CPU cooler so that you don’t have to purchase different coolers for different exhaust outlets.

5. Graphics card

A gaming computer without a graphics card is like the world without a sun. It is essential to invest in a high-end graphics card if you want to see your WWE superstars come to life. You get an immersive visual experience with high-end graphics, excellent sound, and an incredible frame rate. That means your graphics card must compliment your PC’s GPU and vice versa. Nvidia and AMD are two of the leading brands when it comes to graphics cards.

We recommend using Nvidia GeForce RTX 30 Series as it supports almost every game that you can think of. It makes the games look as if you are watching a movie.

6. RAM

A top-notch combination of CPU, GPU, motherboard, graphics card, and processor may amount to nothing if you don’t support them with a high-end RAM. If you want to play some of the demanding games, then you must choose a dual-channel DDR4 RAM. It offers excellent bandwidth that DDR3 RAMs can’t provide. You should at least have 8GB RAM, if not more.

Should you buy a prebuilt PC or build one?

Whenever you talk to someone with knowledge and experience about computers, they would suggest you build your gaming PC. They would tell you how it would be cheaper to build the computer and also get better specs. But Skytech Gaming assures you that even if you allow us to build your PC, we won’t disappoint. We have experience in dealing with a variety of computer parts that give us an idea which part falls within your budget and meets your needs.

Of course, you are always welcome to handpick the parts you want from our custom builder section, but make sure you do your research. We don’t underestimate our clients, and we feel that you have the knowledge as our experts do. Whether you are fond of wrestling games or adventure games, we suggest you buy the parts after keeping the factors above in mind.

But if you want us to do the hard work, then just tell us your budget. We will be happy to deliver a high-performing computer that lasts for years. Remember, you won’t want to buy a gaming PC frequently or change its parts every year, nor is it necessary. If you want to make every penny count, give us the responsibility of picking the parts, and see how smoothly every game runs on your brand new and powerful rig.

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