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Choosing the Best Parts for a $1,000 PC Build

Want to build the ultimate gaming rig with a $1,000 budget? Well, you will be spoilt for choice because there are tons of brands ready to provide top-notch features. But which one should you choose? Are you aware of the compatibility of the different components? These are questions that you should answer well ahead of time because researching, especially for a $1,000 PC build, can take a significant amount of time. Moreover, if you are an amateur trying to assemble your first computer, there is no guarantee that the parts you choose would gel well with others.

Instead of risking such a huge amount of money trying to guess the right parts, why not leave it to the professionals to pick the components on your behalf? That would ensure that the money you spend is worth every penny. And at Skytech Gaming, we take the responsibility of building the ultimate desktop for you. $1,000 is a lot of money. And we can recommend some of the best components that would ensure the long life of your computer.

The most crucial aspect of assembling a $1,000 package is picking the right parts that are compatible with each other. For example, it’s useless to select a high-end graphics card and use 4GB DDR3 RAM. You would be underutilizing the graphics card. This is where you need professional knowledge of computer parts. You must pick a set of balanced components so that your battlestation can run smoothly without encountering any glitches.

Component breakdown

We always encourage everyone to let professionals assemble these components unless you are a pro at this. Our motto is to provide the best parts within your budget. You may often scour through sites like eBay or read blogs on where to find high-end components at budget-friendly prices. Honestly, we don’t recommend that you buy second-hand parts for your dream computer. If you already have a budget in mind, either let us pick the parts or do extensive research and select the parts from our website.

But if you allow us to do the job on your behalf, then here’s our component breakdown of what to expect for $1,000

1. Processor

The first dilemma you will face while selecting a processor is between two brands: Intel and AMD. Both are equally popular right now, although Intel has a slightly better brand value. We first want to know what you will do with your computer. Will you use it only for work purposes or use it for video games? It’s easy to select a processor for an office setup, but we look at the best-value processor suitable for your needs.

To us, AMD’s Ryzen 5 3600X is a killer processor that offers tons of features like better stock cooling, overlocking feature, and ideal for content creation. The AMD’s Ryzen 5 3600X is a direct competitor to Intel’s fifth-generation processors. There is hardly any difference in the stock speeds of these two brands. Therefore, we choose AMD’s Ryzen over Intel. Moreover, Ryzen processors are more affordable than Intel, so we can invest a significant amount of money in the motherboard and other parts.

2. Compatible motherboard

We think that you should always start building your desktop based on what processor you choose. Considering you select AMD’s Ryzen 5 3600X, your next job is to find a motherboard that’s compatible with this processor. We recommend that you go for AsRock B460 Steel Legend. In fact, if you give us a $1,000 budget, we would choose this motherboard because it has tons of unbelievable features.

It comes with dual M.2 slots and 6 USB ports that you usually don’t see in some of the mid-range motherboards. This one almost ranks among the high-end models because of its lightning-fast SSDs. It is also one of the rare motherboards that have four expansion slots. Our experts believe that if you love value-for-money components, then this one tops the list. Most importantly, it works like magic with AMD’s Ryzen 5 3600X. You will not experience any lag while playing high-resolution games.

3. 8GB RAM or 16GB

Some people are happy with 8GB RAM because they are not hardcore gamers. And we agree that if you don’t use your computer to play the latest videogame titles, then an 8GB RAM is enough to suffice your needs. But if you ask us what we would suggest for a gaming rig, then it has to be at least 16GB, if not more. 16GB is the bare minimum we recommend because it supports almost every game you can think of. Most importantly, when you have such a powerful combination of motherboard and processor as above, then 16GB RAM is enough to run high-end games smoothly.

We will, however, check the best price of other RAMs before selecting them. The GPU and memory prices have come down recently. If we manage to fit a better RAM within your $1,000 budget, we would definitely use it.

4. Storage and case options

Gone are the days when a 500GB SATA hard drive would be enough for your games. Nowadays, the minimum storage option that you should is a 1TB SATA HDD. And you will have plenty of money left after spending on the above. So, why not choose a spacious hard drive so that you can store multiple games? In fact, the above components also give you an option to add a secondary drive. You can add another hard disk by spending just $40. We think that that would put less pressure on your C-drive, thus allowing your computer to run smoothly and at its highest speed.

And for case options, there are plenty you can choose from. A $75 case is more than enough to properly fit the above components and look stylish at the same time.

As you can already see from this breakdown, we prioritize parts according to their function and performance. Leave it to Skytech Gaming for your next desktop purchase, and we promise to give you your money’s worth.

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